Bod Pod

Fast, Accurate and Safe

The BOD POD is a complete turnkey system for measuring and tracking body fat and lean mass using patented air displacement technology. Developed with grant funding from the National Institutes of Health, the BOD POD technology is based on the same whole-body measurement principle as hydrostatic weighing (the “dunk tank”). Because of its high level of accuracy, ease-of-use, and fast test time, the BOD POD has quickly become the method of choice for measuring body composition.

The Bod Pod offers

  • Proven accuracy using whole-body density measurement.
  • Fast test time - about 5 minutes.
  • Ability to accommodate all types of populations (including children, the elderly, and the disabled).
  • Excellent repeatability. Safe for repeated testing and is non-invasive.
  • Ease of use for both subject and operator. No special technician license required.

The BOD POD´s roomy interior accommodates a wide variety of human shapes and sizes. That´s why it´s used routinely to measure the body composition of professional and collegiate football players, basketball players, and even sumo wrestlers! The BOD POD has successfully been used by people weighing up to 500 lbs. It´s also ideally suited for wheelchair athletes, those with special abilities, the elderly, and children. And, because the BOD POD is non-invasive, it is completely safe for regular and repeated testing.

The precision and validity of the BOD POD has been confirmed by numerous independent research studies (see RESEARCH). Its reliability has been proven in the field by leading universities, sports teams, fitness clubs, military organizations, and weight management centers. In fact, no other body composition measurement system can claim the combination of accuracy, safety, and speed that can only be found in the BOD POD.



Launch of Gym in the Pocket

April 2nd, 2008

Demonstration by our Master Trainers for Gym in the Pocket.
The crowd going through the paces.
Mr. Tay Tat Seng presenting the concept of Gym in the Pocket.
The sumptious lunch at the end of the launch.

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