Motion Analysis Corporation has recently announced their new 4 million pixel camera, the Eagle-4. The Eagle-4 Digital System consists of Eagle-4 Digital Cameras, the EagleHub, and EVaRT software, which can capture complex motion with extreme accuracy. Real-time capabilities allow our customers to see capture results at the same instant as the subject is performing a specific task. The Eagle-4 can be mixed with other Motion Analysis digital cameras to optimize your studio's capabilities.

Eagle-4 Digital Camera

The Eagle-4 uses the Micron Corporation MI-MV40 sensor and operates up to 200 fps at a full resolution of 2352 x 1728 pixels, and up to 10,000 fps at reduced resolutions. For those applications that can work with the lighting limitations of external optical strobing, the new Eagle-4 camera is an excellent choice.

The Eagle-4 Digital Cameras provide today's motion capture technicians with a tool that assures reliable and accurate data. With digital technology there is no degradation of the signal over distance, less noise, and no resampling of data on another piece of electronics.

With today's studios demanding multiple person capture within increasing volumes, the stability of the signal becomes critical. The Eagle-4 Digital Camera signal goes directly to the tracking computer via an Ethernet connection. The signal processing is embedded in the camera. This streamlined system of motion capture from camera to computer means less hardware and less potential for equipment problems. The FPGA (field programmable field array) built into the Eagle is software and firmware upgradeable via the Internet - you don't even have to take the cameras down! Motion Analysis was the first company to manufacture digital cameras for motion tracking - the Eagle Digital Camera was introduced at SIGGRAPH 2001. Thousands of our digital cameras are currently in service.

The Eagle-4 Digital Camera has a larger sensor area than standard video cameras. The corresponding use of a high quality 35mm lens allows for the sweet spot of the lens to map over this larger image sensor area, resulting in greater lens and system accuracy.


  • 1-200 Hz selectable frame rates at full resolution
  • Up to 10,000 Hz at partial resolution
  • Portable - up to 8 cameras in two suitcases
  • Built-in zoom provides more visual options for ease of set-up
  • Separate zoom, iris and focus settings independent of ringlight
  • Available with visible red, near red, or infrared ringlights
  • LED display panel for camera identification and status
  • 237 LED's for brighter and better light uniformity
  • Strobed ringlight with camera body heat sink
  • Four body mount points on camera for variable positioning
  • Software controlled adjustable light output


EVa Real-Time Software (EVaRT) provides a user with a simple and powerful interface. Under a single software environment you can set up, calibrate, capture motion in real-time, capture motion for post processing, edit and save data in the format of your choice.

A dual monitor option provides the motion capture technician with a full view of the active capture display and graphic panels on one monitor while viewing application forms and panels on another monitor.

Simultaneous Display of Graphical Panels

The Eagle Digital System provides simultaneous viewing of up to four different panels:

  • 3D Display- different views and angles are possible
  • 2D Display- digital grayscale and threshold images
  • Color Video Display (avi)
  • XYZ Graphs
  • Analog Graphs
  • HTR Graphs

Simple and Customizable User Interface

  • Post processing provides one stroke hot keys for power users
  • "Hot keys" are customizable- define your own system for processing actions
  • Preferences for features such as initial monitor display, init poses, etc., can be named to an .ini file so that multiple system users are always assured of their customized configurations at login



Launch of Gym in the Pocket

April 2nd, 2008

Demonstration by our Master Trainers for Gym in the Pocket.
The crowd going through the paces.
Mr. Tay Tat Seng presenting the concept of Gym in the Pocket.
The sumptious lunch at the end of the launch.

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