Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer

This Trainer presents key anatomical features, both externally and internally, for teaching ‘hands-on' examination and diagnosis. The uncluttered design of the model enables trainees to focus on essential anatomy and procedure.


  • Learning examination procedure
  • Testicular examination
  • Rectal examination of the prostate
  • Dry catheterisation (Foley catheter size 16 and retrograde catheters)


  • Gonads and vas deferens are present
  • Realistic anus
  • Can be used in two positions (supine and left lateral)
  • Soft tissue elements are removable and replaceable
    • Penis, bladder and prostate
    • Perineum, testicles and bowel
    • Abdominal wall
  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water


Examination and Diagnostic Breast Trainer

A lifesize realistic breast used for training in examination procedure and diagnostic techniques


  • Recogized clinical breast examination technique
  • Diagnosis of pathologies
    • Carcinoma
    • Fibroadenoma
  • Aspiration of a cyst
  • Self examination technique


  • Breast is warm to the touch
  • Responds to gentle palpation in an extremely life-like way
  • Simulated carcinoma and fibroadenoma
  • Benign cyst for aspiration
  • Variable cyst volume (chargeable from a hidden refillable reservoir attached to the underside of the breast)
  • Lightweight and compact base allows for:
    • Self examination (when held up against chest)
    • Table top presentation
  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water


Episiotomy Trainer

For the practice and repair of episiotomy, and repair of perineal lacerations.


  • Performing an episiotomy
  • Tissue layer identification and handling
  • Deep musculature suturing
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Superficial suturing


  • Full procedure can be carried out
  • Perineum, vagina and bowel are represented by a replaceable soft tissue pad
  • Soft tissue pad contains superficial muscle structure and relevant layers for suturing
  • Cost effective – all layers can be sutured repeatedly
  • Episiotomy or laceration can be sited to the left, right or directly towards the anus
  • Perineum can be distended to replicate delivery
  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water
  • Clamps provided to secure Trainer to edge of bench top



Launch of Gym in the Pocket

April 2nd, 2008

Demonstration by our Master Trainers for Gym in the Pocket.
The crowd going through the paces.
Mr. Tay Tat Seng presenting the concept of Gym in the Pocket.
The sumptious lunch at the end of the launch.

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