Enjoy freedom and flexibility with the integrated evo eveRest2 CPAP system in place of conventional, component separated CPAP systems. Now it`s easier than ever to travel--even go camping--with CPAP.

With the optional rechargeable battery back, there`s no need to worry about the location of the closest power outlet or the fear of an inadvertent power outage. The unique evo eveRest2 battery pack will keep the system functional for hours without household current

The integrated heated humidifier option rounds out the evo eveRest2 CPAP system. Clinical research has shown that CPAP patients tend to be more compliant with the addition of heated humidity. The evo eveRest2 heated humidifier provides just enough water for one night`s use, and the reservoir is simple to fill and clean.



Launch of Gym in the Pocket

April 2nd, 2008

Demonstration by our Master Trainers for Gym in the Pocket.
The crowd going through the paces.
Mr. Tay Tat Seng presenting the concept of Gym in the Pocket.
The sumptious lunch at the end of the launch.

We are looking for motivated individuals to join us as SERVICE ENGINEERS / SERVICE COORDINATORS. Please send resumes or direct all enquiries to hr@unitedakrab.com

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