A very large range of rehabilitation machines. Our software will allow the evaluation of patients with orthopedic and neurological pathologies and help to provide the suitable training programs.

Our advantages are based on unique electronic and mechanical solutions, easy of use, functionality based on several decades of effective experience in the field. Our machines are essential in any modern rehabilitation protocol.

Our equipment is designed to reduce your operating costs: machines will be used by the patients with minimal assistance from the therapist.

At the end of the rehabilitation session, our software will provide data for the doctor to evaluate results and adjust the protocol.



Launch of Gym in the Pocket

April 2nd, 2008

Demonstration by our Master Trainers for Gym in the Pocket.
The crowd going through the paces.
Mr. Tay Tat Seng presenting the concept of Gym in the Pocket.
The sumptious lunch at the end of the launch.

We are looking for motivated individuals to join us as SERVICE ENGINEERS / SERVICE COORDINATORS. Please send resumes or direct all enquiries to hr@unitedakrab.com

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